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Street Fighter V is the last part of the classic fighting game franchise that has been around for almost three decades. A fighting game whose game still retains its charm, which graphically exceeds all previous payments, and which Capcom seems determined to destroy with bad decisions.

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Street Fighter V currently has a fairly weak history mode. Instead of offering a general and coherent story like Mortal Kombat, Capcom decided that the first issue would offer only one mini story for each character.
These playoffs are incredibly short and round attacks on a handful of opponents, all joined by comic panels. Depending on the difficulty, it is easy to end each story in about 10 minutes. Capcom has already announced that this will be expanded in the future free DLC to become a more complete offer. But the delay makes this first package feel incomplete.
When you look online, Street Fighter V gives you an excellent experience: you can play and train against the game’s AI and easily jump into the competition in online challenges against other players. There are many online modes and options to match.
The problem is that this mode does not currently work 100% of the time due to server problems. It is true that Capcom is working hard to improve this, but for now it needs corrections quickly, especially when the individual player’s benefits need a server connection.

Fight: Pure Street Fighter
Street Fighter V remains pure against the Street Fighter ideals. History mode may be missing and online performance may be irregular, but if there is something that works perfectly, it is the battle. The movements, the precision, the opponent’s response speed, the special moves, everything is classic Street Fighter, and you will be connected from your first movement to the final battle.
Of course, there are subtle changes. Some cloned or less popular characters are gone, while others have evolved. Nowhere is this more evident than with Ken, who is no longer Ryu’s blonde brother, but a unique character with his own spectacular features and designs.
In addition, Street Fighter continues to combine brilliantly with female and male characters. Each person who designs and builds works well with their speed in strength to create credible attacks, but sometimes the outfits may seem a bit scarce.
Technically, Capcom has done a fantastic job defining each character with their looks and animation. This makes every fight a sight to behold, especially along with sound and music. As usual in the series, when you have to win or lose a fight, the music begins to accelerate, which brilliantly encloses the terrifying rhythm of your own throbbing heart.

Street Fighter is back, but needs improvement
Street Fighter V confirms the series as the best 2D fighter with 3D appearance. Its narrow graphics and classic games make it important.
But there are problems. It is common for games to be released unfinished today, but Capcom has taken it to the absolute limit with this full-price release. Between DLC to complete and end the game and the broken online game, I recommend Street Fighter V, but I also recommended waiting to buy it.

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