“Corte Altavilla” Hotel

Conversano (Ba), Italy - External windows – Internal doors – Furniture

Manufacturing of external windows, internal doors and custom furniture.

The “Corte Altavilla” multi-building hotel is situated in a building complex of Norman origin, in the heart of the ancient city of Conversano (BA). The most ancient buildings date back to the first decades of the XI century and were built when Goffredo D’Altavilla turned the city into the center of the homonymous county where he established his court.
Starting from that period and over the four following centuries, in the same place different blazoned families have succeeded one another: the Altavillas, the Bassavillas, then the Briennes, the Enghiens and the Lussemburgos. Later on, in 1422, the Orsinis and the Aragoneses. Finally, other important families replaced each other for many years to the present day.
The building complex preserves the typical Norman architecture features, although blended into the Apulian territory, as well as the stone and the wood charm.
Xilux manufactured the external windows, the internal doors and some custom furniture.

Pecularities: External windows and internal doors manufactured with high-quality timbers. The painting process has been conceived in order to enhance the wood veneering.