Tra tecnica ed estetica


External windows

Xilux offers three standard nominal sections 56*80, 64*80, 68*80 and many customizable solutions as far as both section and window aesthetics are concerned.
Xilux master carpenters are able to reproduce external windows, blind shutters (as well as shutters and entrance doors) realized in Classical style, Liberty style, Eclectic style, Bauhaus style, Rustic style as well as in Contemporary style.
In order to ensure the highest level of excellence, Xilux choices the best quality hardware on market realized by reliable commercial partners with high quality production standards.

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Internal doors

Xilux produces wooden doors for private houses as well as for historic houses, and historical dwellings.
Thanks to the innovative technologies and to the most meticulous craftsmanship, Xilux turns the initial projects into high quality doors enhancing the personality of each and every historical environment and satisfying the requirements of modern times. An overall vision, which at the same time, looks back to the past with a respectful attitude and projects itself towards the most recent opportunities offered by the technological innovation.

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Xilux produces furniture for hotels as well as for private houses according to the specific customers’ requirements. Thanks to the experience and know-how developed over more than twenty years, Xilux provides customized solutions, ensuring attention and professionalism at every step of the designing and the manufacturing process.

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``A wooden door is a real artwork.``

``Each door has its own history, unique and unrepeatable.``

``It’s easy to fall in love with wood.``

``Wood is the essence of beauty.``

``Wood has its own identity. Discovering it is a great honour.``

``There’s poetry in the manufacturing of wood.``