Ha’Avoda Project – Tel Aviv, Israel

Entrance door – Sunshades

Realization of the entrance door and sunshades.

The famous street of Ha’Avoda in Tel Aviv, is nestled in a full of energy and fun-oriented context. Although it has been the capital of Israel for a year, Tel Aviv is a relatively young city and in 2009 celebrated its first century of life. Indeed, Tel Aviv is considered by many as the counterpart of the neighboring town of Jerusalem, a bit like a beacon of modernity opposing to the historical and spiritual “Holy City”.

In the middle of this chaotic street stands, at number 8, the building designed by the famous local architecture firm, “Bar Orian Architects”. For these luxury apartments Xilux realized the main entrance door and all the sunshades.

Peculiarities: In collaboration with the Israeli architects, Xilux realized sunshades composed of wooden slats of minimal section and a distance in between them of mm 10, almost coplanar to the wings frame. Particularly significant is a fourteen folding sliding wings sunshade equipped with an innovative system of hinges and rails. Valuable is also the main entrance door to the building.

``A wooden door is real artwork.``

``Each door has its own identity. Discovering it is a great honour.``

``It's easy to fall in love with wood.``

``Wood is the essence of beauty.``

``Each door has it own history, unique and unrepeatable.``

``There's poetry in the manufacturing of wood.``