External windows

Xilux offers many flexible and customizable solutions as far as both section and window aesthetics are concerned.


The collaboration with the most important skilled engineers and designers led Xilux to develop an outstanding technical know-how which allows the company to offer customized sections, thicker or thinner, complying with the different building traditions met in the Mediterranean Countries as well as all over Europe.
Wing and frame profiles can be shaped in order to reproduce the aesthetic canons of the past. Xilux master carpenters are able to reproduce windows realized in Classical style, Liberty style, Eclectic style, Bauhaus style, Rustic style, as well as in Contemporary style.

The same holds for blind shutters, shutters and entrance doors.

The quality of Xilux  products is also improved by the choice of the best and most adequate hardware on market thanks to reliable commercial partners who share the same passion and work philosophy.

``A wooden door is a real artwork.``

``Each door has its own history, unique and unrepeatable.``

``It’s easy to fall in love with wood.``

``Wood is the essence of beauty.``

``Wood has its own identity. Discovering it is a great honour.``

``There’s poetry in the manufacturing of wood.``