a never-ending passion

Since 2007 Xilux produces external windows, internal doors and furniture on demand.
Xilux took its first steps in the sector of the manufacturing of wooden windows and doors at the beginning of the 90s, and has developed, over the years, an outstanding experience, thanks to which today it is among the Italian excellences in this field.

The passion for wood. The attention to the environment.

The attention Xilux pays to the environment is a commitment confirmed every day by the utilization of timbers coming from countries involved in reforestation programs, water-soluble acrylic-based products which allow the most innovative wooden finishing techniques.
Xilux eco-sustainable approach involves the entire production process including a rational use of the resources and the adoption of virtuous behaviors such us the recycling of the production waste entrusted to specialized companies.

Craftsmanship, a modern value.

According to Xilux, craftsmanship means combining the manual skills of the artisan carpenters with their knowledge of the raw material, and the rigorous efficiency of the cutting-edge machines.
A mixture of gestures, knowledge and technologies which enhances the aesthetical and the functional characteristics of the wood pointing out its potentialities.

The “Made in Italy” trademark: a matter of quality.

Xilux master carpenters represent, with their work, the best Italian tradition, according to which the designing, the attention to details and the study of the materials play a prominent role in the way of working.
Xilux know-how is associated with the use of high-value materials, with paints which respect the natural beauty of the wood and the appropriate hardware for high quality doors and windows.
According to Xilux
, this is the Made in Italy trademark.

Tradition and design. Together.

The combination of artisan approach and cutting-edge design: this is Xilux manufacturing philosophy. An indissoluble bond which aims at the realization of solid, beautiful and long-lasting products in perfect harmony with the space and the living environments which boost thanks to the exquisite beauty of products and of the realizations Xilux.

Technique combining aesthetics.

Xilux doors and windows combine the originality of the project with the manufacture quality and the attention to design and aesthetics.
According to Xilux, beauty is a quality: a precious value that focuses on searching for solutions and ideas which combine aesthetics and functionality, because its products must be at the same time lived-in and admired too.

Ideas on demand

One of the most remarkable Xilux prerogatives is the designing and the realization of custom-made products that best fit each specific architectural project. Each and every window or door or furniture element is conceived in order to perfectly harmonize with the context which it is intended for, exalting it at best.
For this purpose, first of all Xilux ensures a preliminary consulting service during which its experts meet the customers in order to deeply evaluate their requirements and desires with the aim to turn them into customized solutions.

Looking at the history: an innovative approach.

The expertise and the technical skills of Xilux artisan carpenters wouldn’t be that significant if they were not combined with a great passion for Art as well as for architecture and beauty. Xilux artisan carpenters are true experts in expressive languages of the past.
The knowledge and the respect for the history allow Xilux to find solutions in full compliance with the most modern standards without losing sight of the architectural context.

``A wooden door is a real artwork.``

``Each door has its own history, unique and unrepeatable.``

``It’s easy to fall in love with wood.``

``Wood is the essence of beauty.``

``Wood has its own identity. Discovering it is a great honour.``

``There’s poetry in the manufacturing of wood.``